Monday, December 7, 2015

My Threads

I was on a roll on sewing doll clothes at the beginning of this year.  If only other matters did not need my attention, I would have sewn more. I felt accomplished nevertheless.

The first set had me sewing and styling dolls based on their characters. The second set was about playing with a gingham fabric. The third set is about iteration on a hem design. I wanted pieces that can be mixed and matched so I made a lot of separates. I have other doll clothes made but I failed to get a group photo as I never finished the set. All of the clothes I've sewn this year were for the Fashionista bodies.

In the years of existence of the Barbie Fashionista line, there are only a few clothes that I liked. Most were pink and/or glittery. I wanted to give my dolls with articulated fashionista bodies more fashion options so I focused my sewing projects on them.

Hopefully next year, I can sew for dolls with other bodies. I already have a few pieces in mind but it won't be done in sets. I'll just create what I feel like creating.

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