Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It was an uneventful All Hallows Eve. A doll head was left soaking in acetone. A non-doll person may find it creepy so I took a picture of it. I find it boring. I added a crumpled red plastic bag to contrast against the doll head others describe as "albino". It's still boring as doll heads soaked in a jar of acetone is something "normal" to me. A lot of people found it interesting.

It was one of those "mema" posts (memapost lang). It was posted for the sake of wanting to post something...anything. There was no intended insight or any info of value to share. There wasn't much thought put into it. "Meh" best describes it but the 86 people who liked it may disagree.

Let's compare it to another photo I posted years ago. I had to consider a lot of things--lighting the extreme difference in color, positioning the dolls for alignment and then editing the shots for more impact than just a side by side comparison.

Both photos were appreciated well but I don't get why the first got the attention. Part of me wants to find out what makes people "like", "fave" or "" something but why should I bother? I have been exerting effort to not be bothered by the feedback. I don't encourage it. I don't engage in discussions. Comments in one account are disabled. If I can ignore a feedback, I would, but sometimes I want to be polite. Emphasis on sometimes.

Plus, these days one cannot appraise the value of a feedback properly. Some feedback are "mema" comments or comments posted for the sake of having to post a comment. There's no added insight or info, just comments. Some "like" or "follow" to get "likes" or followers in return. Apparently, it's like something you can barter online.

I'm done with popularity contest. It's kinda liberating. Popularity contest is like putting a price tag on yourself or your work in the denomination of feedbacks/likes/❤'s, It's like one big delusion. I don't mind not being liked as long as I like what's mine.

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