Saturday, December 12, 2015


Although Mattel didn't make a Muslim friend for Barbie, I can have any doll in my collection be a Muslim. Why didn't I?

I'm not a Muslim and any Muslim doll I make will just be a product of my ignorance. The image I depict may be offensive because of it. Still, I have to do something about the non-existence of Muslim doll in my collection. It's like saying they don't exist, that they're not part of my reality, or simply being apathetic, which is worse than hating. I felt I need to do something.

I'm not a corporation that can hire and consult experts. I have to rely on what I see online and on the streets.

Characterization of a Muslim is difficult and tricky for me so I won't go there. I can only try at a superficial level like the fashion. So, none of my dolls will be a Muslim. They do get modeling jobs for hijab fashion sometimes.

The first to get such job is my favorite doll, Kayla.

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