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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Headphone Jack/Dust Plug Mini Bags

I have been seeing this mini bags intended for headphone jack/dust plugs since last year. I wanted to get some but I didn't know where. Sure, there are some being sold online but online shopping is such a hassle, at least here anyways. I chance upon these in a mall in the province being sold at about 60% off their original price.

From the looks of their packaging, these are old stocks that didn't sell well. Well, it's original price was way too unreasonable, if you ask me. But with their current price, I was willing to buy 10 but these are all the design/color that were left.

My favorite is the Celine trapeze bag mainly because of the bright colors. The Balenciaga motor cycle bag looks ordinary especially because it is stiff when it should be slouchy. The Birkin bag seems too small. Plus, I already have a couple of Birkin bags for dolls. I got these mainly because they are colorful. I have a project in mind where I can use this bags. Maybe the other bags that I already have will work better but I couldn't pass up the chance to buy these since the mall is out of the way and it may not be available when I get back.