Sunday, August 16, 2015

Clone Marvel Universe Thanos

Thanks to Hasbro, clone manufacturers realized that toys with poor articulation can sell, especially for the 4-inch line. Clones of the Marvel Universe action dolls are being sold for half the current price of the poorly articulated ones, like the 4-inch Age of Ultron line. I have seen clones of Hawkeye, Nick Fury (both the black and white) and Black Widow. I passed up on them because I already have the Hasbro version (except for the shouting white Nick Fury). I bought this clone Thanos, though.

It has poor articulation. For the price of about US$4.50, it's a good deal, especially for a non-Thanos fan like me. He'll just be used a few times and then stored, anyway. It's impractical to buy from the secondary market with their unreasonable price. Plus, there probably will be a movie version of the character later on. We can just wait for that, right?

It's easy to take apart but it's a little hard to put back together. I won't be taking it apart anytime soon.

Here's a comparison picture with the Juggernaut.

With the Hasbro 4-inch line going away (although Hasbro is denying it), it's good that clone manufacturers are ready to take their place.

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