Friday, April 3, 2015

Almost Forgotten

When we have dolls that we have almost forgotten, does that mean we shouldn't have bought them in the first place?

Yeah, sure, we can always have an excuse that we enjoyed them when they were new and that they gave us happiness and that made it worth it. That was then. What about now?

Or we tell ourselves that maybe, just a big maybe, we can use the doll in our future projects. Maybe our interest in that doll will be resurrected someday. You can never tell, right?

No matter how we delude ourselves, the doll is there and you don't want it now.


Troy said...

It's still generally good to have bought them to see whether you "bond" with them or not. That is, if you can let yourself sell them when you decide they really aren't for you.

However, sometimes I pull out a doll I haven't seen for a while and remember why I liked her well enough to make the purchase. Rotation is important. :-)

Niel said...

Sometimes when I don't want a doll and think of selling it, I ask myself why anyone would want it. I usually can't answer the question.

Yes, rotation is important! :)