Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keeping Inspired

Although I wanted this outfit for my doll, I struggled to make it. This is my eleventh outfit for this year. I could use a break. One side of me wants to just sleep all day or be a couch potato. I did but I'm no Sleeping Beauty. At one point, I have to wake up. I figured I can watch the TV and sew at the same time. Nothing good is on anyways. So I created this outfit.

We all have resolutions. Mine is to cut down on buying new dolls, experiment with styling and create more doll clothes. How do keep I myself inspired and motivated?

(1) Actively search for inspiration and motivation. When doing my gingham project, I searched for gingham trends and saw DVF's collection. When I saw the dress below, I knew I gotta have my own version.

(2) Be ready to take down notes. Muses are elusive creatures. You'll never know when they'll appear. When an idea pops up, one should be ready.  I was watching MTV earlier and BAM! I use my smartphone for note taking and doodling.

(3) Stay focused. Get those distracting things out of the way. For me, that means un-following people who have nothing else to say than what's new and what to buy.

(4) Record the progress. This blog does just that. Whether or not the clothes I make are winners or losers, I document them here. Show off. Who cares? As long as it all feels good.

(5) Take a break. But promise to get back as soon as possible. It all feels better after a good rest.

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