Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Price is Right

In preparation for the Holidays, malls left and right are having a sale. Locally, people who are smarter than what's trending find October as a really good time to shop. Stores are making way for the arrival of the new items for the Christmas season. The discounted items may be from two years ago but unlike most fashion, a lot of toys retain their (play) value.

Barbie set-of-3 fashion packs normally costs US$22 are 50% off. I'm willing to pay for only 50% because, half of what's in the pack is... I can't really think of a kind adjective that means "crappy". But there are really great pieces, my favorites of which are those that shows a certain character other than being a fashionista.

There is not much price movement in the Marvel Universe figures, except for the Skrull figures from 2 years ago. Sold initially at US$12, they lowered it to US$8 last year but I felt that it was still not worth it. They are now being sold at US$4. I might just build an army of Skrulls.

One of my smart purchases is Fashionista (In the Spotlight) Nikki. She originally was priced at US$34 last year. They have it on sale at most toy stores for US$22 but I was able to control myself. I luckily found one for US$18 only. Like most fashionista dolls, I only want their bodies. I want this specific Nikki because she has a very interesting armband and bracelet.

Another toy that I have been wanting to buy is this Adventure Time action figures and comic book pack. They originally go for US$19 but now they are only US$9. I look forward to playing with them but for now, they'll stay in the pack.

Shopping this past weekend validated my belief that you can get the toys you want at a reasonable price if you just wait. Even if it eventually sold out, you can still get it from the secondary market. Someone will eventually let go of the toy you want. Time shouldn't matter. If you really want it bad, you will still want it bad years from now, especially if the price is right. If not, maybe you didn't want it that much at all.

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