Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Courtside Toy Store Mystery

Courtside is a local toy store that sells dolls, trading cards and action figures among others. They have branches in different malls in Metro Manila. I can't speak about their other products but they sell most dolls and action figures (including Lego clones) at higher prices compared to the major toy stores. Toys that they are trying to sell two years ago are still on display. Needless to say, a lot of what they are selling are no longer available in the major toy stores since major toy stores try to dispose of their inventory right away.

The mystery to me is how Courtside keep their shop open. I'm curious about their business model. I have no business background but I do know that they have to sell something for them to earn. If the toys are not going anywhere, what are they selling? Maybe those Magic Cards are really magical! I didn't bother to find out what the going rate for those cards is and how much Courtside is selling them.

These cards don't really occupy too much shelf space. When I visit their branches, most of what I see are action figures. If those figures are not selling, how are they earning off those pricey shelf spaces? Mall space is expensive. I gotta give it to those people behind this toy store. It's hard to keep a store like that open for business.

I have bought a couple of figures from their shop but I eventually found out that it was a bad decision as I could have bought the same figures at a much lower price (50 to 70% lower) somewhere else. As much as I am impressed by the brains behind the business, I have stopped buying from them. I feel good every time I visit Courtside especially when I see their toy tag prices. I always feel proud of myself knowing that I bought the same figure elsewhere at a lower price.


14Nov2014 Update

The Trinoma branch is closed.

The SM North branch has little toys left, almost like it's closing shop as well.

It took some time but I'm glad someone learned a lesson or two.

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