Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Girl Takes After Me

She cannot be the opposite of Barbie. She wants to be Barbie and thinks she can be better at it. It's like those collector-turned-doll-critics (like me) who think they can do a better job than those who work at Mattel. More than the love-hate relationship with Barbie, Raquelle takes a lot more after me.

That is why of all the cast of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, I relate best with Rrrraquelle. I like her even before the series, as a Fashionista. She wears less pink, for starters.

I may react the same way if I lived in a world where people blindly follow Barbie just because she is Barbie. Remember that "trashy" fashion people there starting copying? I will do my darnest to expose why Barbie shouldn't have that authority. Just look at how she can't hold a job for too long, 136 jobs in 55 years!

Enough about trash talking Barbie. A lot of people have written books on it, anyways. Let's talk about Raquelle.

She's pretty. Usually, she's the prettiest in the doll line she belongs to. I like her character. She is no goody two shoe. I like her style. I like that although she is not specified to be of Asian descent, she can be made to look like one. I was wondering how she would look with a close mouth. I was surprise that they released her with one and an uneven smile for added character.

That smile perfectly conveys how I feel about a lot of things.

As much as I like Raquelle, I cannot take her big head and big eyes. I have to shrink her head and repaint her eyes to enjoy her. The series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse may not be "The MostPopular Girls in School", but it is funny in their own way. It gave the doll I love more character than what I usually come up with and now I love her more.

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