Wednesday, August 20, 2014


What I like most about the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse dolls are not the eyelashes. I sometimes find them too obstructive, casting unwanted shadows on the eyes. I like most are new head molds used. There is Raquelle with her contemptuous smile, Teresa with her dorky face (which I will not buy) and Summer with her reserved smile. Initially, I thought that an enlarged version of the Goddess or Tango was used for Summer but the back of her head is marked "2012". Having similarities with those two, Summer can also be a versatile ethnic-bending doll mold.
I also like the playful colors of her outfit. It reminds me of the vintage Barbie dress called Fun N Games. Summer do likes games.
I also like her character in the series. Like Raquelle, Summer also can be competitive with Barbie, unlike her other friends. And like Raquelle, Summer has a brother (Blaine) who is ready to steal Barbie's heart from Ken.
The Summer shown here has been customized. Her head was shrunken and was repainted. Her eyelashes were also trimmed.

Blaine and Summer

Goddess and Summer comparison

Vintage Fun N Games dress

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