Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kira versus Kayla

A new model is out to get Kayla out of the top spot. Meet Kira.

I got Kira last September to be customized but it was only recently that I was satisfied with her new look.

Who do you think should be awarded the ad campaign for Target?

(Acknowledgement: A special thanks goes to a Flickr friend who gifted me this Target exclusive Barbie Basics accessory.)


Ms. Leo said...

I love the Kira on the new body! I like her face! I love the one you posted on Flickr!

D7ana said...

Hard to decide. I, too, love Kira on the new body. But I really like Kayla's color of red - it seems more the Target red. Shrug.

Niel said...

Thanks ladies. Kira and Kayla deeply appreciate your comments. :)