Friday, February 3, 2017

Marvel Universe (aka 3.75 Marvel Legends) Gamora and the Guardians of the Galaxy

I finally took time to lessen the items in my toy-to-do list. I have created a custom Gamora 4-inch action doll. An official version was released but I felt it didn't fit in with the boxset group. I wanted everyone in their blue uniforms with red accents. The red accents on Gamora's uniform need another coating, I know, but I was too excited to take pictures.

While others opted to use the She-hulk doll as the base (probably because it needs less painting), I find it too bulky. I was afraid that the Elektra doll I used would make a very skinny Gamora but I liked how it turned out.

Hasbro didn't release decent 4-inch figures for the Guardians of the Galaxy  movie. I didn't watch it in the theater. The same is true with the Doctor Strange movie. (Although I boycotted the later because of racism.) I don't know if I will watch the GoTG sequel. Without the toys, probably not. 

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