Monday, June 6, 2016


I'm not a Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel fan. I bought this figure because of the possibility for turning it into another character.  That shouldn't keep me from enjoying this toy in its original form. 

I heard a new movie will be made based on this character but that will be released around 3 years from now. I bet the comics will make this character more interesting. But then again, a Black female lead is overdue. The female Captain Marvel could be the Monica Rambeau. That's far-fetched, of course. You can't expect too much  from the Marvel Cinematic Universe writers/producers/directors.

I might like the character by then. I might regret not having a Captain Marvel action doll. There is no urgent reason for me to create a new character out of this toy, anyways. Who knows, other toy releases would be more suitable for the character I have in mind, or they will release a toy version of that character. This toy will remain as is, for now.

The toy came with a comic book. Unlike previous comics that came with toys like this, this comic book has an ad for another toy line. I feel that Hasbro is really pushing us 4-inch collectors to switch to the 6-inch line. No way!

They can end the 4-inch line, for all I care. I'm quite satisfied already with my 4-inch collection. I really don't need this toy. It was just accessible and available and I have the funds and it takes so little space to store this. I would have preferred the unmasked version, since one can do more with that head sculpt than this one,  but it sold out. No big deal. Toys aren't.

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