Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This entry is dedicated to the Barbie Look (2013-2015)

Below is the photo of all the Barbie Look dolls I have collected. They are basically rebranded Barbie Basics with rooted eyelashes (which doesn't really add to the aesthetics of the doll, but then again, it's subjective). It seemed that the added eyelashes were used as a reason to command a higher price (at least locally) than the Basics. Any self-respecting buyer would not be fooled.

If you're not seeing any photo, it's because I haven't bought any of those dolls. I also didn't appreciate that some dolls  I could have bought weren't  offered locally. Mattel should have realized that if they want their products sold, they should make it easier for the buyers to access them. If sellers don't care enough to do that, buyers who respect themselves should not care about buying.

Self-respect people! Try it some time.

We like posting photos of the things we buy, like it somewhat gives us pride or sense of accomplishment. I'm posting a photo of dolls I didn't buy for the same reason. Not buying dolls can give a certain sense of accomplishment or pride. It feels good.

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