Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I don't get it

I don't get...

(1) why some local collectors are selling (to local buyers) Rhino, Mysterio and other Marvel Universe action figures with a high mark-up when there are stocks available in the local stores at a lower price.

(2) why these figures are made available just recently in the local toy stores when they have been released last year and the toy line has been discontinued/re-branded.

(3) why a change in name warrants an increase in price without changing the quality, only the packaging,

(4) why the official distributor of the new/re-branded Marvel Universe figures insists on selling them at a high price when other small-time sellers are offering them at a lower price especially those obscure characters like the Death's Head.

I didn't get the Death Head and the Guardians of the Galaxy figures. They will be peg warmers eventually. I'll wait for them to lower their prices. If they run out of stock, it's okay. I don't really want those figures that bad.

I did get for myself the three figures in the above photo. They are cheaper than the re-branded line.  I'm keeping my lust for these toys under control.

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