Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kira's Comeback Care of Carlyle

One item from this year's National Barbie Convention piqued my interest. It was not a doll but a sketch for the 3rd Global Glamour Barbie. I first saw it from this site.

The dress on the sketch has an undeniably Filipino flavor, specifically the sleeves of the Philippine terno. When I zoomed in, I read the word "Philippines". (I can't read the other words above it.) Now, that is the dress the first DOTW Philippines should have had!

More details on the doll was provided by a Mattel employee, Carlyle, in Flickr. Below is a portion of the screen shot from that site. It looks like it is his design. Good job!

The Kira face sculpt will be used for Mutya, the third Global Glamour Barbie! When I said that Mattel is deaf to our feedback, of course I was exaggerating. Somehow, the ideas on my old blog entry made its way to Mattel.

 OOAK Kira I did

It's too early for me to be excited over a sketch. There are a lot of factors I'd like to consider before buying a doll. Two of them have been satisfied by the sketch but there are more.
  • Dress (check)
  • Face sculpt (check)
  • Facial screening (uggh!)
  • Skin tone (check)
  • Articulation (meh)
  • Price tag (naah)

24Nov2014 Update:
I've made up my mind. I'm not getting the Mutya Barbie.

27Jan2015 Update:
This is my first impression from the publicity photos.

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