Sunday, August 16, 2015

Clone Marvel Universe Thanos

Thanks to Hasbro, clone manufacturers realized that toys with poor articulation can sell, especially for the 4-inch line. Clones of the Marvel Universe action dolls are being sold for half the current price of the poorly articulated ones, like the 4-inch Age of Ultron line. I have seen clones of Hawkeye, Nick Fury (both the black and white) and Black Widow. I passed up on them because I already have the Hasbro version (except for the shouting white Nick Fury). I bought this clone Thanos, though.

It has poor articulation. For the price of about US$4.50, it's a good deal, especially for a non-Thanos fan like me. He'll just be used a few times and then stored, anyway. It's impractical to buy from the secondary market with their unreasonable price. Plus, there probably will be a movie version of the character later on. We can just wait for that, right?

It's easy to take apart but it's a little hard to put back together. I won't be taking it apart anytime soon.

Here's a comparison picture with the Juggernaut.

With the Hasbro 4-inch line going away (although Hasbro is denying it), it's good that clone manufacturers are ready to take their place.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Token Blonde Barbie

Since the Fashionista line came out, I have been throwing out blonde playline Barbie heads. I have head molds identified with Barbie (the character) but none are blonde, except for one which I have styled with a big bun limiting its versatility. I know that if I have to pick a mold for a current quintessential Barbie, I'll pick this 2010 closed mouth head mold. I had to repaint it, of course. I have to balance the Barbie-ness with my taste. That means a little less perky, less makeup, but still Stepford material.