About The Blogger

I'm a Filipino (not Filipina) doll enthusiast residing in the Philippines. I'm not a collector in the strictest sense since I usually modify my toys. I started out with Barbie dolls, 12-inch GI Joes, and other toys/play sets in playscale or sixth-scale. I'm not into bigger dolls. (Twelve and a half inches is TOO BIG for me.) I also collect the 4-inch Marvel Universe action dolls and bootlegos. These mainly are what I am into these days.

I also like fashion dolls in doll house scale which are about 6-inch tall. I enjoy taking their pictures and posting them here. I like small stuff like the bootlego minifigures. I like the petite versions of Barbie, Jenny or the Bratz and their clones. I like clones. I usually work on my OOAK skills using clones. One of the clones I like are the Basaak and Color Changing Eyes dolls which are Blythe clones.

I used to create comics strips using my dolls. My interest in storytelling using dolls has waned so the comic strips stopped. It comes back unpredictably.

FAQ:Q. Can I be hired to sew doll dresses?
A. Not this time

Q. Can I be hired to re-root doll hair?
A. I don't really like to re-root.

Q. Do I sell my work?
A. Not this time

Q. Can I be hired to repaint dolls?
A. Not this time

Q. Why not?
A. I realized that I find it hard to work on a doll project if I'm not motivated or if the doll has no special attachment to me. Those dolls that I have worked on feels special to me and I have no plans of selling them at the moment.

About This Blog

This blog is about dolls but this blog is not about every doll. I mainly talk about dolls that I have or want to have. I play with them and part of the play time includes restyling, taking pictures of the dolls and blogging about them.

I rarely talk about what's new in the doll scene. I'm more interested with what's old or what I have missed, or I try to fill in what's missing, creating a doll that I deserve to have because the market doesn't offer it or doesn't offer it at a reasonable price.

Most importantly, this is mainly a personal blog. When I talk about dolls, I really am talking about myself, what I find aesthetically pleasing and how I value/disregard things.